Ein Ding mehr, 2006

Performance, duration ca. 20 minutes, exhibition/performance project La Monnaie Vivante curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc, CAC Brétigny/Studio Micadanses Paris, January 2006 (photo: Giasco Bertoli).
“It is in this way that the game of constraints constitutes itself, between the wish for reconstitution and its physical impossibility; the bodies near one another, confront one another, and unite to create corporal positions that evoke the forms that are being cited while de-contextualizing them at the same time. For with Prinz Gholam, the bodies seem to be unified, without having individual particularities; the two men are dressed in common, solid-colored clothing. In this way the décor and costume apparatus is efface in order to allow a reading that is entirely fixed on the bodies, which transform themselves, like the colors of their clothing, into pictorial, plastic elements.“ (Pierre Bal-Blanc, 2006)