Culture is uncanny. Over time inherited cultural paradigms became fantasies and phantasms which are used to insist on historical continuity and normative standards. Establishing societies which look the same because they have been given the certainty that they are in direct lineage of something outstanding. These aesthetics are reproduced without considering geography, time, society, and the individual. Buildings, pillars, towers, flanked with beautiful sculptures. Walls with beautiful paintings. Here lies the fascination by these constructed fantasies. Our work manifests itself consciously and purposely under the influence of these canons of culture. In the performance our physical activity as two contemporary individuals will generate issues which are psychological and physical. They bring up questions on age, on character, on being educated in a certain way, on social background, on geographical or communal origins. All we have seen, all we have memorised and internalised is transformed through the living human presence, through gestures, timing, and sound.

Prinz Gholam in Jinshanling (China) 2023, photo by Yang Jinlong